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P39 Regulator

The BelGAS P39 regulator selection is the largest of its type in the industry. We offer this regulator in three different materials, one of which will ideally suit your application AND your budget. ALL of the P39’s are offered with a minimum of five different spring ranges, with an option for a sixth range (500 PSIG), on our Brass and Nickel plated versions. Our broad selection of outlet pressure spring ranges allows more precise regulation of downstream pressure, hence, better process control. Piping designs can be simplified by using any one (or all) of the 3 outlet ports that come standard on the regulator. The BelGAS P39 is the ONLY regulator of this type, which has 3 outlet ports. To enhance the versatility of this regulator further, we provide you with a choice of seat materials that allows the designer to custom fit the seat material with the application. Each seat is mounted in a block that can be rotated a total of 4 times to increase the service life of the regulator. Capable of regulating inlet pressures of up to 5500 PSIG, the BelGAS P39 regulator should be your first choice as a first-cut regulator.

  • Spare valve disks provided. Each unit comes with a 4 seat valve disk block. This block can be easily rotated 90º to provide a fresh valve disk sealing surface.
  • Easily changed to tamper-resistant or T-handle adjustment
  • Largest selection of outlet pressures
  • Largest number of outlet ports
  • Optional tapped vent on bonnet
  • Only the P39SS Conforms to NACE MR0175

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