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P630 Regulator

p630The P630 is a spring loaded, direct-operated regulator for high pressure, and high flow applications. The heavy duty construction, made possible by the addition of stainless steel internal components and a powder-coated epoxy exterior finish, makes it ideally suited for the oil and gas industries. All P630 steel units meet NACE MR0175 material requirements for corrosive (sour gas) environments.

The P630R is a spring loaded relief valve and is suitable for pressure settings up to 250 psig. The BelGAS 630R is available in 1” and 2” end connections. An O-ring seat provides a bubble tight shut off.

P630R units have stainless steel internals. All P630R's contain a 1/2" diameter orifice. The steel version complies with NACE MR0175 specifications.


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