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Taylor Vaetrix Products

An industry leader in the design and manufacturing of liquid level and measurement devices. Our products are engineered to the highest standards to deliver a greater level of accuracy with a minimum of moving parts. Taylor began manufacturing Gauge Plug® and Gauge Probe® fittings in 1959 and since then has become a standard in the oil field on well heads, flow lines, pressure vessels, and anywhere else accurate pressures are required. In the 1980's Taylor began manufacturing the Vaetrix Gauge as a durable and convenient alternative to dead weight testers. Since then Taylor continued to add products to the Vaetrix Technology line including the 140-LLI, a liquid level indicator, the Gauge 2, which is CSA certified, and the Gauge 3. With each addition the Vaetrix line added new technology and became more complete.

In 2010, Taylor Vaetrix, LLC spun off from Taylor Valve Technology, Inc. This has provided the Vaetrix Technology division with the ability to increase their research and development efforts. Only a few months after the spinoff Taylor Vaetrix, LLC introduced the eGauge line. Taylor Vaetrix, LLC will continue to provide the products you have come to know and trust from the Vaetrix division, while continuing to introduce new products and technology to meet your needs.


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