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Gauge Plugs & Probes

probes and plugsThe Taylor Valve Gauge Plug and Probe system has been a standard in the oil & gas industry since 1959.  In fact, Taylor Valve Gauge Plugs are used throughout the world for a variety of applications.

The small area of the stainless needle means that only a 6lb. push per 1,000psi in the system is required to force the probe into the Gauge Plug and open the valve.

Lock-On-Probes are recommended where the pressure or sample device is to be mounted onto the Gauge Plug or where the pressure on the Gauge Plug exceeds 5,000 psi.

The Taylor Valve Gauge Plug and Probe system has been a standard in the oil & gas industry since 1959.

Gauge Plugs & ProbesAPPLICATIONS

  1. Troubleshoot complicated hydraulic or pneumatic circuits during operation without breaking pressure in lines.
  2. Sample line fluids in seconds.
  3. Gauge corrosive fluids or sour gas with safety.
  4. Read pressures and take samples on reverse osmosis systems.
  5. Take pressures on water flood injection systems.
  6. Take pressure on ammonia or steam lines.
  7. Calibrate or test the accuracy of fixed pressure gauges or meters.
  8. Check filter pressure differential.


  1. Seal is bubble tight.
  2. Metal to metal seat plus elastomer seal.
  3. All Stainless Steel Construction.
  4. Probe on, take a reading and probe off in seconds.
  5. Screen filters debris which eliminates potential clogs.
  6. Unique design moving slots past o-rings prevents seal damage.
  7. The zero of the pressure gauge can be checked before and after probing is on.
  8. The probe needle does not have to be lubricated prior to probing.
  9. Reduces cost of gauge loss due to theft or vandalism.
  10. Eliminates excessive wear on expensive, delicate gauges due to harsh environments, vibration, pressure pulsation or mechanical shock.


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