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Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Controller A head pressure type level indicator, the Model 140-LCD continuously indicates liquid level in an atmospheric (vented) vessel. The Model 140 is a significant upgrade over other products on the market, helping to ensure longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements while increasing the accuracy of measurement.


  • Standard Operating Temperature 20(F) to +225(F)
  • Maximum Head Pressure 40 PSI
  • Range (Vessel Height) 3 to 60 feet
  • Electrical Switches SPDT Micro Switch; 11 Amp at 130 or 250 VAC; 1/2 Amp at 125 VDC
  • Electrical Connections 1/2-inch Female Pipe Thread, 3/4 inch Female Pipe Thread also available
  • Indicator Accuracy + or - 2% of full scale.


  1. Easy to Adjust. The unit features external Zero Adjust and Span Adjust knobs that can be field adjusted in less than 15 minutes without changing the vessel's liquid level or disassembly of the guage.
  2. Easy to Read. Scale reads the same as a hand tank gauge; no need to convert PSI of head pressure into feet and inches of water to the correct reading.
  3. Corrosion Resistant. 100% of all internal and external parts are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials.
  4. No Spills. Unit equipped with two diaphragms. If the primary diaphragm fails, the sight glass indicator will tell the operator of the failure, while the secondary diaphragm will continue to display the correct gauge reading.


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