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Vaetrix eGauge 2

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Vaetrix eGauge2

State-of-the-Art display provides a 4 digit LCD for ease of reading. The back light capability makes it ideal for field service even in low light conditions.

The 3" diameter pressure gauge consists of an aluminum and stainless steel corrosion resistant construction. Its robust design is perfect for use in valve repair shops, laboratories and plants of all types.

The eGauge2 offers 0.25% of full scale accuracy in a compact, easy-to-use unit. Featuring three user selectable engineering units of measurement allowing use in any measurement system.

Precision measurement, performance and reliability are coupled with consistent accuracy to meet today’s demanding service needs.

Compared to Dial Pressure Gauges

• Greater accuracy & stability due to unique sensing technology.
• Complete clarity when reading the digital display, unlike parallax error on dial pressure gauges caused by viewing a    needle on a dial at an angle.

Intended Applications

• Automation Systems
• Pneumatic Systems
• Hydraulic Systems
• Production Systems
• Process Manufacturing
• Marine Laboratory
• R&D

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