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Vaetrix eGauge3

Precise pressure and temperature sensing in the toughest field service conditions. Microprocessor-based technology provides superior field performance.

Precision and Toughness for Field Testing

The new Vaetrix© eGauge 3 is the industry's first portable precision electronic pressure and temperature gauge specifically designed for superior performance under tough field service conditions. From its reliable microprocessor-based technology, to its rugged, lightweight case, the easy-to-handle eGauge 3 sets a new standard for performance. Pressure accuracy of 0.05% and highly-accurate measurement of temperature conditions in the field are a plus.

Thanks to the eGauge 3's straight-forward design and common sense display, even operators with little or no field operating experience achieve remarkable results the first time out. In fact, this pressure indicator is so well designed, it actually helps build operator confidence and ensure reliable testing results by eliminiating the sources of many common operator errors. As a result, even first-time users can acquire and log sophisticated readings such as static and barometric pressure data with extreme accuracy.

Powered by four AA batteries, the eGauge 3 is designed to deliver up to 250 hours of continuous, uninterrupted service. Thanks to its unique combination of low power consumption and high memory capacity in excess of 100,000 data points, the eGauge 3 is ideal for long-duration testing and logging of pressure and temperature conditions in field applications.

Optional test and performance package (TAPP) software developed exclusively for use with the eGauge 3 extends the instrument's capabilities to enable flexible, menu-driven operations including:

  • Data retrieval and storage on disk in ASCII or encrypted formats.
  • Data printouts and hardcopy plots.
  • Data viewing via advance reporting.


Datalogging Capabilities included



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