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Valvcon - LC Series

  • Simple, reliable, high cycle life
  • Break-away torque to 600 inch pounds
  • Uni-directional 24VAC, 115VAC or 230VAC
  • Reversing 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 115VAC & 230VAC
  • Diecast, powder coated, zinc alloy base
  • UV resistant composite cover for weatherproof NEMA 4,4X applications
  • Male or Female output with ISO 5211 mounting pattern
  • Low maintenance, permanently lubricated
  • Highly efficient, hardened cut steel spur gears throughout
  • Compact, low profile package – 4.73”X 5.05”X 5.95”, 6.0 lbs.
  • Position indicator and override available on reversing models

On/Off service options include:

  • Heater
  • Auxiliary switches
  • Three position/center-off and timer control

LC Series Actuators: Reversing and Uni-directional Electric Actuators

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