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Saf-T-Matic ESD

Saf-T-Matic  ESDThe Saf-T-Matic is an essential component for all flow line applications. This is a safety valve which automatically controls the shut down of flow lines when pressures exceeds or falls below pre-determined limits. The Saf-T-Matic Valve can be used on various applications including oil well flow lines, gas lines, hydraulic lines, or wherever there is a need for high and low pressure limits. It provides complete line protection of high pressure overloads and/or loss of fluids in case of line bursts. The working pressure ranges of the Saf-T-Matic Valve is from 15 psi to 15,000 psi.

Design Advantages


The Saf-T-Matic surface shut-down valve is held open by control pressure in the Direct Control, Remote Control or Pilot Control Head. A loss of this control pressure, or a mechanical failure within the unit, will close the valve without the assistance from another power source.

Manual Opening

Once the Saf-T-Matic closes, it must be opened manually to return it to service. This safety feature prevents accidental automatic opening before desired or required. The balanced stem of the valve allows ease of reopening against high body pressures.


The Saf-T-Matic offers several safety system shutdown options including Direct Operated, Remote Operated, Pilot Operated and in combination with other devices and equipment as required by the customer.


Saf-T-Matic valves can be matched to any standard connection and may be installed on wellheads, flow lines and at may other points requiring safety shutdown systems.

Wide Operating Ranges

The Saf-T-Matic valve can operate with control pressures ranging from 15—15,000psi.

Straight-Through Flow

Bore alignment reduces flow turbulence, erosion and pressure drop. Pressure drop is taken at the outlet seat to reduce the possibility of formation of hydrates in the valve.


The Saf-T-Matic does not vent to atmosphere. This reduces or eliminates the possibility of freezing of the control head Mechanism.

Field Setting

Pressure settings of the Control Heads may be changed in the field while the valve is in service.

This is a safety valve which automatically controls the shut down of flow lines when pressure exceeds or falls below pre-determined limits.

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