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MC Inline Choke

MC Inline ChokeOne of Taylor Valves Original multi-orifice valve design.  This MC Choke valve is a sleek design which establishes similar principals as Taylor's MDI / MDA choke with one distinct advantage - Straight Flow Through.  There is no change in direction of flow thus the wear on the valve is significantly reduced. 

This choke has several advantages including:

  1. Superior trim design for unequaled throttling control and accuracy in the process environment
  2. Unique flow path through the trim for superior resistance to cavitation and increased stability of trim.
  3. Durable, high quality construction for longer life and drastically reduced maintenance.
  4. orifice position is displayed clearly.
  5.  Control surfaces are separated from sealing surfaces.
  6. Unique sealing and fluid flow dynamics permit compliance with current environmental (FTE) requirements.
  7. Seal tightness ratings are superior to any competitive product model.
  8. Easy to set - 1/4 turn for full range.
  9. Economically priced.


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