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R Series Choke Valve

R Series Choke ValveTaylor Valve Technology's multi orifice nozzle valve is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of flow measurement requirements.

Taylor Valve's R Series Choke valve is designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of oil and gas producers, refiners, chemical plant operators, power generators and the processing industry in order to more effectively control their liquid, steam or gas operations.

Superior flow characteristics and capacities are the cornerstone of Taylor's R Series Choke.  This choke performs unlike any other flow control products due to the unique design, precise manufacturing and uncompromising quality - an emphasis proven by more than 100 patents and nearly 50 years of service experience.

The R Series Choke valve features several unique design characteristics that minimize wear and maximize service life.  The cage and external sleeve trim is designed to contain turbulence and wear by centralizing the flow in the nozzle bore causing instream flow impingement (hydrodynamic conversion).  The valve body and outlet are protected from wear because the energy conversion created by the pressure drop is contained in the trim cavity before flow enters the outlet.  This eliminates the typical problems of wear in the valve outlet.

The R Series Choke trim consists of a multi orifice flow nozzle and external sliding sleeve.  The trim design provides accurate control by the use of a system of precision orifices in the flow nozzle.  The orifice configuration produces an equal-percentage flow characteristic offering maximum control throughout a broad range of operation.

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