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taylor vavlesRelief Valves

Taylor Valve Technologies specializes in relief valve products to meet various application requirements. With our large inventory and with branches located across Alberta, King's Energy Service aims for next-day delivery anywhere in Western Canada.

7700 Series Back Pressure Regulator

The 7700 Series is designed for use in regulating back pressure on a system to avoid overpressure on equipment or piping. Maintains safe, internal working pressure while providing excellent protection.


Pump Bypass, Pump Relief, Well Hookups and Closed Loop Systems. Balanced Valve Applications.

8400 Series Vapor Valve

The 8400 Series is designed for pressure relief in applications where hazardous vapors are to be piped away. Maintains safe, internal working pressure while preventing routine expulsion of waste to the atmosphere.


Glycol Reboiler Safety Relief, BTEX Safety Relief, Vessel Safety Relief below 15 PSI and Tank Blanketing.

9400 Series High Pressure Valve

The 9400 Series is designed for use on high pressure liquid service. Maintains safe, internal working pressure while preventing expulsion of liquids to the atmosphere.


Mud Pumps, Down Hole Pumps, CNG Market and Offshore Deep Well Platforms.

EPC Environmental Protection Cap

Our EPC’s ensure valve and system protection from environmental elements, enhancing service life and limiting repair costs. A   unique lanyard design and a leak detection capability set this apart from competitive products.


Valve and System Protection, Leak Detection.

8100 Series Safety Relief Valve

The 8100 Series safety relief valve addresses the high pressure needs of the market utilizing our soft seat technology. The 8100 Series shows consistent, repeatable relief even under the most difficult of conditions.


CNG Market, High Pressure Relief Applications.

8200/8300 Series Safety Relief Valve

Our 8200/8300 Series safety relief valves are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and feature a high endurance soft seat which guarantees a bubble-tight seal for hundreds of “pops”. Our unique patented radius disc design guarantees dependable, repeatable relief even under the most difficult of conditions.
Available in flanged or threaded configurations.


Air, gas, or liquid relief applications, compressors, separators, heater treaters, free water knockouts, scrubbers, dehydrators, thermal relief, gas production units chemical plants, refineries, gas, plants and other industrial applications.

9300 Series Snap Pilot

The 9300 Series Snap Acting Safety Valve with the non-flowing pilot provides highly reliable system overpressure protection.


Gas Compressors, Pressure Vessels, Cold Box Storage, Meter Runs, Gas Plants, Pipelines and Transmission Stations.