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8200/8300 Series Relief Valve

8200 reliefTaylor Valve 8200/8300 Safety Relief Valves are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and feature a "state-of-the-art" soft seat which gives you a bubble-tight seal for hundreds of "pops".  Taylor's unique patented radius disc design assures a reliable reset even under the most difficult conditions.

Uses: Air, Gas, or Liquid relief applications, including compressors, separators, heater treaters, free water knockouts, scrubbers, dehydrators, thermal relief, gas production units, transmission and gathering lines, chemical plants, refineries, meter runs, gas plants, and other industrial applications.


  • ASME Section VIII Div 1 code rated for Air, Liquid and Gas
  • Zero Leakage to set point
  • Superior Spring Design and Material enhance the performance of the product and provide consistent opening and closing pressures


  • Patented Radius Disc reduces the amount of interference required to seal and assures a reliable re-seat even under the most difficult conditions - up to hundreds of "pops"
  • 8200/8300 Series Relief Valve

    High Endurance Soft Seat supports repeated operation and a bubble-tight shutoff every time
  • Radius Disc and Seat Design supports the spring alignment and promotes proper seating
  • Low Simmer Rate
  • Consistent Blowdown

General Operation

  • Taylor's 8200/8300 Series Safety Relief Valve actuates when the pressure under the valve overcomes the spring force on the disc causing the valve to open, releasing overpressure form the system before re-closing.

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