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9300 Series Pilot Operated Safety Valve

9300 Series Pilot Operated Safety ValveTaylor Valve Technology's Series 9300 Snap Acting Safety Valve with the non-flowing pilot provides hightly reliable system overpressure protection.

This valve can be used for air, gas, vapor and most mixed phase services.  The 9300 series is available with effective orifice areas of 0.`28 through 45.664 sq inch, valve inlet sizes 1" through 8", set pressures from 15 to 3750 psig.  Continuous service temperatures from -423F to +500F (-253C to +260C)


  • Easily Adjusted
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • ASME SEC VIII Code Stamp
  • Increased Output of System
  • Dirty Service Pilot is Mounted Vertically
  • Orifice Nozzles
  • Built-in Field Test Port
  • Durable, Rugged Mounting of Pilot


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