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Valve Field Services / Plant Maintenance

Valve Field Services / Plant Maintenance

Field Servicing is a major component of King’s Energy Services Ltd. We have an extensive service fleet accross Western Canada as well as several portable units to accommodate any of your valve servicing requirements.

King’s provides a variety of field services, including wellhead valve maintenance, side entry services, gate clamp services, picker truck services, and plant maintenance programs.  All King's field units are self-contained with a compressor, SCBA air packs, complete tools, parts and fittings.  King’s also maintains an information database and a computerized scheduling/maintenance program to document and manage customer service needs.

King’s specializes in wellhead, plant, and pipeline maintenance programs, making sure all your valves are operating and functioning correctly. King's uses high quality synthetic lubricants and sealants which are highly effective in low/high temperatures, sour services, and special applications. Our operators are technically experienced and fully trained in safety-protocols, following defined procedures to ensure safe and competent servicing.

General Procedures:

  1. Meet with proper personnel to receive a work permit. Review customer requirements and the work to be completed.  Assess hazards and requirements for each location.
  2. Per location:
    1. Assess hazards on site and respond accordingly with PPE and appropriate servicing procedures.
    2. Valves are inspected and prepared for servicing. Valves are greased. Fittings and packing are replaced if appropriate. If other parts are needed, they are replaced or documented/ordered. If requested, valves will be pressure tested to their maximum allowable working pressure. All available information about each valve and its servicing is documented.
  3. At the completion of the job or end of each day, the operator is provided with an update about any problems encountered and notified that all King’s employees have left the site.

Key Features

  • Fully contained Valve field service units at every branch location
  • Technically trained and certified valve technications - Sealweld
  • 2ton - 10ton overhead cranes for large diameter valves
  • Data tracking reports per location
  • Synthetic sealants and lubricants.  Low temp to High Sour
  • Picker, Side entry, Gate Clamp, Inline grinding services available


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