Kings Energy Services Nisku, Alberta facility is proud to be a solutions provider to the Oil and Gas Drilling Sector.

Our team of experts specialize in the repair, servicing, machining and re-manufacturing of drilling and production equipment with guaranteed commitments. All repair and remanufacturing services are performed in-house saving you time and money. Our team proudly provides certifications for all remanufactured and recertified equipment.

COMING SOON! You will be able to access all equipment certifications through our online database!


Why Choose Kings Energy Services?

Our team offers a consistent schedule. 

Providing you a clear timeline and open communication on your equipment.

We provide pick-up and delivery!  That's right let us come to you. Our logistics driver will pick up your equipment and deliver it back once it is repaired and recertified.

We proudly serve clients in Canada and the USA.

 Our schedule includes regular equipment pick-ups and delivery to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

We offer a complete service facility. All services are done in-house saving you time and money! Allowing us to get your equipment back to you sooner.  

Certifications are provided with all equipment. You can expect to receive a certification with your equipment.  Kings Energy Services will also be offering access to all equipment certifications through our online database (Coming soon)

Load Testing

As part of our re-certification process, our teams perform load testing services for various pieces of lifting/hoisting equipment. 


Repair and Recertification Services

Our repair and re-certification capabilities include:

• Crowns
• Travelling Blocks
• Drilling Hooks
• Elevator Links
• Elevators
• Blowout Preventer (BOP) 


Why Choose Kings ?

• Consistent Schedule
• We offer Pick-up and Delivery
• We have an In- House Engineer
• Services are done in –house saving you time and money
• 30-day turnaround (excludes BOP’s)