Jun 112019

ABSA Certification

ABSA CERTIFICATION Kings Energy is very excited to announce that our Mobile Valve Servicing Unit is ABSA certified! The unit is currently on it's first job, as scheduled, and is operating successfully. This remarkable, state-of-the-art structure will allow Kings to provide our highest standard of service on location to our valued clientele. King’s mobile unit is designed to handle any valve servicing need required by our valued customers. This unit is capable of...

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Apr 122019

China - Exclusive Partnership

Kings Energy Services is excited to announce our newest distribution partner Shanghai Jianyi Inter Industry Co., Ltd. (Joy) in China. Joy is committed to sales and technical services of high-end quality instrumentation products throughout China. Their knowledge, dedication and vision to become a leading provider for advanced technologies strategically aligns with Kings Energy’s commitment to locate and develop great technical global partners for our quality products. As a main agent for...

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Feb 32019

Exclusive Partner Announcement

Kings Energy Services is excited to announce the exclusive partnership with TeQnovation in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman for our Focus 2.0 optical flow meter. TeQnovation is a leading provider of Wonderware Solutions and has vast experiences creating automation solutions for demanding situations. Specializing in consulting, design, delivery with specialized support, Kings Energy's strategic partnership with TeQnovation will provide exceedingly cost effective...

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Jan 132019

Emissions Monitoring - Focus 2.0

How do you measure emissions? Is your business compliant to industry standards? Are you doing what it takes to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you part of the solution to making our industries more efficient and environmentally friendly? Kings Energy Services is a leading solutions provider for flare gas and biogas emissions monitoring. Our Focus 2.0 Optical Flow Meter (OFM) is a patented flare gas monitor utilizing the latest Laser to Focus (LF2) Velocimetry technology. Our industry...

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Nov 72018


WE ARE CERTIFIED!!!! King's Energy Services is excited to announce our API Q1, API 6D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Kings is one of only 6 companies in Canada with API 6D monogram and are thrilled to join an elite group of organizations to achieve the highest quality standards. Thank-you to all our team members who put in countless hours over the past year making this milestone happen. Kings is excited to continue to provide the highest quality products to all customers. Kings...

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Oct 282018

Great Team!

Recognizing great teams is something that Kings Energy values within our organizational culture. Great individuals and teams are what make a great organization. Kings Energy is proud and excited to recognize our Provost team for excelling above and beyond. Being true to each other, supportive, committed, trusting, accountable, and great community ambassadors has propelled them in becoming true leaders. Thank-you for all your hard work and contributions to each other, our organization and...

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Sep 132018

Snowtember 2018

As we all reflect back on the year past, Kings Energy would like to wish everyone a Merry Chris.....WAIT WHAT??? This is SEPTEMBER!!! No matter the conditions outside our reliable, knowledgeable and TOUGH team will get your work done right and on time. For all your Valve, Instrumentation, Electrical, and Iron Control requirements trust Kings to outperform in any situation! 1-866-660-KING www.kingsenergy.com

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Sep 62018

EI&M - Electrical, Instrumentation & Measurement

Kings Energy is known as a quality supplier of valves and instrumentation products and services, however did you know we have an elite electrical division? From small to large industrial projects our trained and skilled electricians are ready to provide quality maintenance and installation services. From concept, to design, to procurement, installation and maintenance Kings Energy will provide expert knowledge to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget. Contact Kings Energy...

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