Kings Energy Services is excited to announce a new partnership!

We have some exciting news!  

Kings Energy Services is excited to announce a partnership between two local family-owned companies teaming up to ensure our clients and communities get the product and services they need!

Mas-pro, a single source provider who offers supplies to a wide range of industries including service and drilling rigs, production testing, construction, pipeline, forestry, safety, mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

Kings Energy Services, whose expertise lies in providing valve, instrumentation, electrical, manufacturing and drilling products/services.

Together our teams are committed to providing our clients exceptional products and services they can trust! ! From the Crown to the Ground our teams specialize in full re-certifications for drilling equipment, electrical certifications and supplying quality products.

Kings Energy is proud to partner with another local company @maspro who’s focus coincides with ours, offering reliable solutions while giving back to the communities we love. Contact our specialized team members at and  or to view our brochure  click here.