Kings Energy Services possesses a complete manufacturing facility and engineering department allowing us to provide you with custom solutions to your most pressing challenges.   With certifications in ABSA, API Q1, and ISO 9001:2015, we can provide you top quality products to suit any need. 

Are you in need of a unique solution for a crucial issue?   Kings Energy is able to provide exactly what you require!  

Whether you require a replacement valve or a customized solution, we have the capacity and capability to take your unique idea and create a product to suit your need. Our qualified and talented staff can review your systems and provide additional recommendations for additions, changes, and/or replacements to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness, taking your concept to an even higher level of success.

Manufacturing Brochure

How it works?

Upon receiving the required specifications or customer drawings, our engineering team here at Kings Energy is able to input this information into our design software and create a 3-D image of the desired component.   The design can then be modified using your choice of alloy materials, fittings, and additions to create the perfect design for any environment or system application.  Additions such as actuators, orifices, or any other device you may need can be incorporated into the design of your product to create the best possible result.

The completed plans are then presented to the manufacturing team, who review the design and assemble all of the desired elements to bring your unique design from concept to reality.  With access to top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment such as machining tools and lathes, your original idea is brought to life through King’s talented, creative, and experienced manufacturing team. 

Our team has the competency and quality management systems in place to repair, alter and manufacture certified pressure vessels, pressure piping, and various varieties of pressure fittings.  We will provide everything from professional recommendations, to build sheets, production, delivery, and even installation.  Kings Energy Services is your resource for custom-manufactured parts and products. 


Manufacturing facilities :


Kings Energy Services Red Deer, Alberta Red Deer, Alberta 

• 22,000 Square Feet facility for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, testing and distribution

• 1 – 5T Crane and 1 – 10T Crane

Large 3-acre yard




Kings Energy Services Nisku, Alberta Nisku, Alberta 

10,000 Square Feet facility for manufacturing, assembly, and testing

1 – 5T Crane

Large 2.5-acre yard

Fabrication and Welding

At Kings Energy Services we are equipped to provide a wide variety of fabrication and welding services to meet your needs this includes:

• B-Pressure Welding

• Stainless and Carbon steel approved weld procedures from small bore (1/2” pipe) to max of (8” thick)

• Wear resistant weld overlays, including stellite



Our expert technicians have the capability to take your ideas from concept, to design, to programming and production.  Our engineering division will partner with our machine shop to develop a reliable solution to combat even your most challenging problem.  We have the capability to repair, manufacture, re-manufacture, or develop almost anything. From machining of common materials such as carbon steel and stainless alloys to seal materials such as Teflon, NyOil, Adaprene


Engineered Solutions

• 3D and 2D modeling and drafting services; including P and ID drawings

• Design/engineer of mechanical systems and pressure-containing components to relevant codes

• CRN Submissions

• Sizing of flow line equipment with the use of fluid dynamics