Instrumentation Services Canada

Instrumentation installation is only one of the many services that Kings Energy Services provides. The importance of accurate equipment is reinforced by our outstanding instrumentation services, which include:

Hat Logos Fire and gas testing & calibrations

Hat Logos Compressor panel checks & calibrations

Hat Logos Instrument device function testing

Hat Logos Volumetric meter proving, repairs & calibrations

Hat Logos Orifice plate checks

Hat Logos Pneumatic control inspection & function test

Hat Logos Burner management system checks

Hat Logos Glycol & chemical pump repairs

Hat Logos Thermoelectric generator testing & repairs

Hat Logos Orifice changer repairs and inspections

Hat Logos Actuator repair  - pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric

Hat Logos Shutdown circuits/switches

Hat Logos Process controllers' pneumatic/electric

Hat Logos Liquid master proving/volumetric as per Directive 17 (ERCB)

Hat Logos Gas meter/EFM calibrations

Hat Logos Gauge recertification (torque, digital, analog)

Hat Logos High-pressure testing - up to 60,000psi

Hat Logos Hydraulic systems and pumps

Hat Logos ESD valves and controls

Hat Logos Regulator Repair & Recertification

Hat Logos Process controls, temp, pressure, level

With over 40,000 sq ft of shop space in our Red Deer facility, along with seven additional service centers throughout Canada. Our team of experts are able to take on any project from start to finish.  We can design, construct, distribute, install, and service almost any instrumentation system. In addition to our Shop services, our team has the ability to skillfully service, maintain, and install a variety of instrumentation products for your plant and facilities. All of our field units are self-contained with a compressor, SCBA air packs, tools, parts and fittings.  We also maintain a computerized scheduling and maintenance program for all of your instrumentation servicing requests.

Meter Proving AlbertaOur Instrumentation Services Plant and Field Include:

Hat Logos Fire and Gas Testing and Calibrations

Hat Logos Compressor Panel Checks and Calibrations

Hat Logos Transmitter Calibrations

Hat Logos Instrument Device Function Testing

Hat Logos Volumetric Meter Proving, Repairs and Calibrations.

Hat Logos Orifice Plate Checks

Hat Logos Pneumatic Control Inspection and Function Testing

Hat Logos Burner Management System checks

Hat Logos Glycol and Chemical Pump Repairs

Hat Logos Thermo Electrical Generator Testing and Repair

 At Kings Energy, we maintain industry-leading instrumentation services by supplying a great variety of custom solutions along with a wide range of products for sale.  We also offer a wide variety of rental equipment. 

Equipment Rental Program 

Rental Program 1

At Kings Energy Services we have a wide range of equipment available to rent. We have everything you need to ensure your systems remain in top operating condition.


Our extensive products for rent include:

Check Mark Rental Chart Recorder up to 15,000 psi

Check Mark Driflo Meters

Check Mark Deadweights

Check Mark Dataloggers

Check Mark PD Meters

Check Mark Roots Meters

Check Mark Turbines / Flow Meters

Check Mark Totalizers

Check Mark Meter Runs / Orifice fittings

Check Mark Gauges up to 20,000 psi

Check Mark Chemical injection pumps

Check Mark Portable LP Test Separator

Check Mark Pressure Relief Valves

Check Mark Ball Valves

Check Mark Gate Valves

Check Mark Test Manifolds and Many others…

We have everything you need to ensure that your systems remain in top condition.  Our equipment provides dependable performance, convenience, and accuracy.  

Please call our head office for all your rental requirements.


Our facilities include:

Hat Logos Calibration flow loops

Hat Logos Volumetric provers

Hat Logos Electronic calibration/programming centers

Hat Logos 6000 individually stocked inventory items

Hat Logos HP testing/calibration benches

Hat Logos Gas measurement systems

Hat Logos Deadweight calibration systems

Hat Logos Overhead cranes for large equipment

Hat Logos Journeyman and trained technicians