Kings Energy Services Ltd., in partnership with Dynamic Flow Computers, announces the purchase of the Focus® 2.0 Optical Gas Flow Meter and its manufacturing & distribution rights globally.

The Focus® 2.0 Optical Gas Flow Meter uses Laser-2-Focus Velocimetry technology to measure gas flow, sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas. The Focus® system consists of a flow sensor, an optical flow processor and a heater power supply to accurately measure a wide range of flow rates in a variety of applications.


  • Gas flow measurement for flare and vent gas applications
  • Flare monitoring for reducing waste & increasing process efficiency
  • Emissions measurement for compliance with environmental regulations
  • Bio-gas measurement applications

King's Energy Services Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of valves, electrical and instrumentation products for the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Transmission, and Utility industries. King’s is the exclusive manufacturer of the Focus® 2.0 Optical Gas Flow Meter, Saf-T-Matic ESD Valve, Flo-King Ball Valves, Barber Pig Valves, 7600 Relief Valves, Annular Controls, as well as flow lines & well testing manifolds. King’s Energy is also the Canadian Master Distributor for Taylor Valve Technologies, Rupture Pin Technologies, TMCo - SureShot, Dynamic Flow Computers, BelGas Regulators, Marsh Bellofram, Valvcon Actuators and AS Schneider instrumentation products.  Certified under ABSA ASVS-50 for setting and servicing pressure relief valves, and AQP-21522 for construction, repair & alteration of B31.1 power piping & ASME B31.3 process piping allows for the manufacturing, repair and/or alteration of category A, B, C, D, E, F, & H fittings in accordance with CSA B51.

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