Rupture Pin Valve

In the realm of industrial valves, Taylor Valve Technology has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality solutions. One of their standout products is their Rupture Pin Valves, which are deemed critical components in many industrial processes.

What are Rupture Pin Valves?

Rupture Pin valves hold a bubble-tight closed position until pressure reaches an exact set point. At set point, the valve instantly opens to relieve pressure from a protected system meaning no contents of the equipment will be vented out. This valve is easy to reset, returning systems back to operational in a matter of minutes. This technology also allows systems to operate closer to maximum pressures alleviating the fear of premature failure associated with rupture discs. Rupture Pins unique technology is unlike conventional pressure relief valves and rupture discs. 

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What Applications are Rupture Pins used in? 

Rupture Pin Valves are designed to provide reliable overpressure protection in various industries/applications. Rupture Pin technology offers many different models which serve a wide variety of pressure relief applications including but not limited to:

Check Mark Oil and Gas Production

Check Mark Pipeline

Check Mark Well Drilling

Check Mark Chemical Processing

Check Mark Food Processing

Check Mark Waste Water Processing

Check Mark Pharmaceutical Processing

Check Mark Pulp and Paper Plants

Check Mark anywhere that conventional relief valves and rupture discs are used.

Why Rupture Pin, A Brand of Taylor Valve Technology?

Over the years Rupture Pin has proven to be a valuable and reliable solution for a wide array of processes. The valves are manufactured and designed for custom applications, with the ability of reaching 20,000 psi. They provide a high degree of pressure set accuracy, reliability, reduced downtime, ease of maintenance and offer significant long-term cost savings. Other benefits include

Check Mark Accuracy - They offer a greater accuracy in that their standard tolerance is +/- 5%.

Check Mark Less Downtime- You don't need to break the line in order to change the pin.

Check Mark Safety - Employees are not exposed to the median when replacing the pin.

Check Mark Environmentally Safe - No pollution is emitted when resetting the valve.

Check Mark Simplicity - Rupture Pin Valves only have one moving part, the piston.

Check Mark Reliability - Reliability can be checked in operation under pressure.

Check Mark Efficient - Can be reset in one minute.  The pin can be replaced by one person in about one minute regardless of the size of the valve.

Check Mark Low Cost Of Ownership - The long-term maintenance cost and pin replacement cost is significantly lower than other conventional valves. 


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