In an industry with high regulatory restrictions and quality requirements, choose Kings Energy Services to provide you with safe and high quality products and services. With certifications in API Q1 and ISO 9001:2015, Kings serves you better. With strategic supply partnerships, Kings delivers the highest quality products for applications requiring unique and complex solutions. We are committed to meeting, and exceeding, the regimented demands of the nuclear power industry. With engineering and manufacturing departments in-house, an extensive inventory, a mobile servicing unit, and expertly trained technicians, Kings Energy Services is able to provide the solutions you need when, and where, you need them. We are the Master Canadian distributors for several top quality brands and manufacture many of our own products assisting with monitoring, surveillance, inspection, testing, assessment, calibration, service, overhaul, repair and replacement of parts on structures, systems and/or components. Kings also boasts the capacity to create customized, innovative and reliable preventative maintenance solutions ensuring your energy operations remain at optimal productivity. In addition to providing knowledgeable recommendations, we have your valve, gauge, specialty product, and service needs covered.