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Recently Kings Energy Services was approached by a major midstream client who was needing  an emergency upgrade to a REXA linear actuator they had in operation. Their timelines were tight and additional downtime was not an option as the valve was critical to their operation.

Our team received the urgent request  a couple days prior to a holiday long weekend creating challenges for product supply and technical support. After receiving the actuator in our Red Deer, Alberta facility our team got to work. The team had to fully disassemble and meticulously inspect the Actuator. During the inspection the team determined that the actuator required a full rebuild on X1 power module, redress of all elastomer's, replacement of the stepper motor and the proprietary flow-match valve.

Our team was able to successfully rebuild, redress and replace the necessary parts. Upon reassembly it was determined that the actuator required a new cylinder to complete the upgrade. The cylinder is an essential part of the actuator that takes the flow of the hydraulic fluid, converts it to a linear force which strokes the valve open and closed. Upgrading the cylinder posed a significant hurdle as stock was limited and time was critical. After much discussion and collaboration between our manufacturing, electrical team and the experts at REXA, a solution was reached.


Through strong and trusted collaboration between Kings experienced team members and  the experts at REXA were able to re-manufacture the necessary parts in-house so that the strict timelines could be accomplished.  After reassembly and rigorous testing the actuator was transported back to the clients site for installation.

The actuator was installed, and function tested once more on site to ensure 100% performance guarantee. The midstream company was ecstatic, their site did not incur any additional downtime or costs associated with this emergency actuator upgrade.


REXA, the industry leader in electro-hydraulic actuation technology offers a unique Electraulic™ Actuation which combines the simple operation, powerful hydraulic performance, and flexible user-configured control. The actuator used by our midstream client was on of REXA's Linear Actuators which are designed for the toughest process control applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and plant uptime matter most.


At Kings Energy Services we believe in providing solutions, if you are having challenges or issues within your process or current products, our experienced team will work with you and your team to come up with a reliable solution. We are committed to providing our valued clientele with the highest levels of quality and safety by achieving industry-leading accreditations and certifications.

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